So a few weeks ago my site had actually been completely deleted. I’m talking about totally and completely wiped clean and gone. All the posts that are up and live are either new since I had recreated everything, or simply put back up from the files I still had on my computer. Unfortunately I could not quite remember everything I had written in those posts and so I feel that it is necessary to somewhat re-introduce myself.

I started this blog because of my love for photography. I actually am not only the one featured in just about all these pictures, I am also the photographer (yes, that means I do go out with a tripod and set everything up and then pose). With these images, I wish to share with you all the beauty in which we live in, along with my personal style and beauty regime favorites. 

Before I go on there is something I would like to make clear:

Very often I see people criticizing bloggers for not being “real” enough, that we only show the good in our lives and ignore the bad. For any of those who look at my photos and blogposts and have this criticism, I kindly ask that you realize my life is obviously not always filled with beautiful flowers and scenery, where I get to frolic around in a lovely lace dress. The images that I am creating have the goal of sharing how beautiful things can be, not how mundane, sad, and/or “real” things can get – which they most definitely do. 

Another thing I would like to clear up in case there are any questions regarding the legitimacy of my outfit and beauty choices, is that I do not post anything that I do not actually wear, use, and love. If I collaborate with a brand, it is most likely made obvious in writing, and I do not collaborate at all if I would not actually go out and buy their clothes, use their services, or apply their products. 

Now, if you have been here before you may have noticed that I don’t particularly write that much in my posts. This is something that I would like to change and if you return you may notice my efforts. I am also trying to post more often, but if this isn’t often enough then feel free to check out my Instagram for I post frequently there.

These photos are from the summertime at Bow Bridge in Central Park, NYC, back when my hair was about 12 inches longer than it is now, and when the weather was measures warmer as well. Self-Portrait dresses happen to be of my favorite, this one being a dream-come-true. 

Thank you for stopping by and I truly hope you enjoy my content. 🙂