Flat Lay II


Some everyday essentials currently on my vanity…


As much as I love shoes and clothes, fragrances and beauty products are my real obsession. I don’t know if you would be ashamed or in awe at the amount of untouched lipsticks I own, fragrances that have yet to be spritzed, and creams that have yet to be applied. It is because of this growing collection that I try to switch around my everyday essentials in order to have less untouched lipsticks, un-spritzed fragrances, and un-applied creams. Above pictured are some of my favorites as of now, consisting of a few fragrances I’m currently living in, a candle I’m now constantly lighting, and some shades of eyeshadow that are easy to blend together to make a simple day-look, a shade of red lipstick I carry with at all times (because you know, I’ve recently become obsessed with the whole red lippy), and of course a bronzer blush duo that I wouldn’t let my pale winter skin brave the streets without.