Photo-diary from McWay Falls, Big Sur…


During our little road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Doug and I spent a few days exploring Big Sur. This view right here was a major reason for even going out to the West Coast, along with the hiking trails through some of Big Sur’s redwood forests. As beautiful as this little spot was, I must admit that I wish it were a bit more difficult to get to because walking only 5 minutes off the highway to the McWay Falls overlook made the experience feel slightly cheated. It also was not necessarily a quiet area to just take in the sun going down over the wide open Pacific, the waves crashing over and over against the rocky coast, and the sound of the wind rattling the trees around you… because there were plenty of people around you to overpower whatever other sounds nature was offering at that moment. 

But enough complaining.

Having mastered the ability to tune out whatever music person A was playing from their phones, whatever chatter person B, C, and D were having about a sports team, whatever toy person (child) E was screeching about not having, etc., I was able to feel what I had escaped New York City to feel: serenity.