When getting a haircut becomes a luxurious experience…


So if you have been following along for some time you most likely already know that back in September I had gotten a pretty drastic trim. Like a 10 inch hack off. Needless to say I love the shorter hair because not more than two months later I decided to take the opportunity to go even shorter, and wanted the job to be done at the beautiful Laicale hair salon in SoHo, NYC.

After being completely pampered with endless head massages, tea, and cookies, I was able to relax knowing my hair would be in good hands as soon as the cutting began. After it was over and I got to fully take in the new cut, I honestly didn’t think a lob could be cut cleaner. It’s been a few months since the job was done and it has grown with the styling and in my opinion, still looks pretty crisp.


  1. Aaron | 21st Mar 16

    you look gorgerous

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